2021 Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s award winners! You can be proud of your hard work!

Thank you to all of the professional evaluators who volunteered their time to provide feedback to student presenters. All of the feedback will be made available to students in the coming days.

And a special thanks to the Arizona Hydrological Association for their generous donation of a free 1-year membership to this year’s award winners.

Undergraduate Award Winners

  1. Sydney Widauf – Milestone Anniversaries of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
  2. Nathanial Hatfield – Nuclear Energy and Water Policy
  3. Caitlin Brogan – Off the Hook: Assessing the Vulnerability of Inland Subsistence Fisheries to Climate Change
  4. Chaz Stackpole – The Critical Role of HOAs in Arizona’s Water Future

Graduate Award Winners

  1. Erica Byerley – Managing Debris Flow Hazard in Southern California
  2. Sara Burch – Arizona’s Riparian Areas: Policies and Practices With Implication to Resilience
  3. Katie Dickinson – Climate Change and the Implications on Groundwater Policy in the State of Oregon
  4. Monica Pech Cardenas – Analysis of the Water Allocation for the Environment in Mexico and Its Implications on Mangrove Conservation and Restoration Policies

Poster Award Winners

  1. Joshua Rihs – Effects of drought on aquatic macroinvertebrate communities in Northern Arizona
  2. Alexa Rosenthal – Rare Earth Metal Recovery from Waste Stream Using Algae