Sessions 5-6

Session 5 Education

Emma Burns (UG) – It’s Not Too Late! Early Childhood Education and the Development of Eco-Centric Ideology

Session 6. Resource Management

Leah Wildeman UG – Water Insecurity Within Navajo Communities in the Southwest

Jady Kralovia (UG) – A Recycled Future: The Reality of Water for Arizona Communities

Adam Chavarria (UG) – Water Allocation Throughout Navajo Nation
Noah Haarmann (G) – Encouraging collaborative management through policy and science dissemination: A 2-3-2 Cohesive Strategy Partnership case study.

Kelley Pellegrino (G) – Rising Pressures of Water Shortages Leads to Inequitable Access to Water Sanitation and Sewage Disposal in Underrepresented Communities

Kaitlyn LaPine (G) – Spatial Analysis of Non-Market Spring Ecosystem Values

Andrew Englund (G) – No Solution: Washington’s Rejection of a Region-Wide Water Market

Ryan Yazzie (G) – Is it worth desecrating culture to address Climate Change?

Aubriana Hudiburgh (UG) -Hydropower on the Little Colorado River

Kat Fowler (G) – Climate change as opportunity: Comparing cropping patterns in Turkey and the U.S. Intermountain West