2021 Sessions 1-4

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Session 1. Water Quality: Threats and Improvements

Shaylen Messer (UG) – The Long-Term Health Effects of Uranium in the Groundwater on the Navajo reservation
Paris Hoffman (UG) – Contaminated Water, Contaminated System: A historical analysis of Flint, Michigan’s policies and the consequences of structural racism
Abbigail Walker (UG) – Concentrated Animal
Feeding Operations (CAFOs) Water Resources
Nathanial Hatfield (UG) – Nuclear Energy and Water Policy
Jacob Zehner (UG) – A Brief Analysis of U.S. Microplastic Water Policy: Problems and Solutions

Session 2. Technology and Policy Needs for Water Sustainability

Caroline Aubrey (UG) – Sponge Cities: A Guide to Implementation
Ryan Tsingine (G) – Section 518 (e) of the CWA. Promoting Tribal Sovereignty

Chaz Stackpole (UG) – The Critical Role of HOAs in Arizona’s Water Future
Alexa Rosenthal (UG) – Rare Earth Metal Recovery from Waste Stream Using Algae
Kern Collymore – Solar Water filtration and Dine households

Session 3. Global Water Concerns

Devan Groeneveld (UG) – The Investigation of China’s policy on ecological civilization and the connection to water protection
Sydnie Axelson – Dam Development among the Mekong River in Southern Asia
Monica Pech-Cardenas (G) – Analysis of the Water Allocation for the Environment in Mexico and its Implications on Mangrove Conservation and Restoration Policies
Ralph Bardsley (UG) – China’s Industrial Water Problem

Session 4. Climate Change, Hazards, and Scarcity

Alana Nichols (UG) – The Drought Contingency Plan: Benefits to collaborative governance and drawbacks to short-term agreements
Caitlin Brogan (UG) – Off the Hook: Assessing the Vulnerability of Inland Subsistence Fisheries to Climate Change
Connor Rabe (UG) – Golf: Is this Sport a Driver for Water Scarcity or Abundance
Erica Byerley (G) – Debris Flow Hazard Mitigation in Southern California
Katie Dickinson (G) – Climate Change and the Implications on Groundwater Policy in the State of Oregon