Sessions 1-4

Session 1. Restoration/Conservation

Adam Bringhurst (G) – Identifying how Stream Sites get Prioritized for Restoration

Kyle Julle (G) – Exploring the Relationship Between Public and Private Flood Responses

Kya Devery (UG) – Conservation Policy in Caribbean Sea

Anna Coffee (UG) – Wetland Preservation and Restoration in Global Climate Policy

Anthony Wooten (UG) – Understanding Environmental Flows (eflows) in Arizona

Cecelia Barnhill (UG) – Irrigation for Conservation, Is It Possible?

Session 2. Climate Change

Caitlin Brogan (G) – Creel, Climate, and Community Vulnerability: Unexplored Dimensions of Subsistence Fishing in the U.S.
Christian Fauser (G) – Blowing Hot and Cold: The Politically Conflicting Nature of AIS Management and Fish Barriers Recommendations on the Verde River

Ella Compton (UG) – Ranching the Riparian in the Arid Southwest: Riparian focused livestock grazing techniques to combat riparian degradation

Sarah McCarthy (G) – Ag-ravated Assault on Water Equity: How Arizona’s Rural Groundwater Policy Disproportionately Benefits Commercial Agriculture

Vanessa Olivas (UG) – Water Energy Nexus in Costa Rica: National Plan for Path to Carbon Neutrality and Hydropower Moratorium

Session 3. Dams

Caitlin Brogan (G) – Bringing Back the Kern: A Case Study on the Interface of River Restoration, Water Policy, and Community Activism

Oceanna Boulanger (UG) – Violence Against Land Defenders within Honduras and Costa Rica

Joey Wright (G) – That Dam Sediment: The causes, issues, and potential solutions of reservoir sedimentation

Session 4. Water Quality

Javis Davis (G) – Rainfall Runoff Analysis of the Upper Lake Mary Watershed

Yazhmin Dozal (G) – The Future of Agriculture and Its Governance in Arizona

Tyler Head (G) – The 21st Century – A Century of Restoration

Sanoma Boynton (G) – Turning off the tap: A look into stopping the entry of rubbish into the water systems