Check out our Silent Auction page under this year’s event schedule to bid on items donated by our sponsors.

Thank you to our current  sponsors:

Amy Martin Art – Ceiba – City of Flagstaff – CUAHSI- Flagstaff Climbing – Freshwaters Illustrated – Huppy Bar – Lindsay E. Hansen Art – Los Rios River Runners – Mama Burger – The River Management Society

Thank you to our past  sponsors:

American Rivers – Arizona Raft Adventures (AZRA) – Aspen Sports – Babbitt’s – Biff’s Bagels – Bigfoot Bar-B-Q – Bookman’s – Centro de Capoiera Angola OuroVerde – Criollo – DNA Chocolates – Emily Koehn Art – Grimaldi’s – Flagstaff Face and Body – Flagstaff River Equipment – Fratelli Pizza – Grand Canyon Youth – Grimaldi’s – Johnson Family Foundation – Kahtoola – Lia Leaf Tea House – LifeStraw – Lindsey Western Art – Local Juicers – Macy’s –  Martanne’s – Momentum Aerial – Mountain Sports – OARS – Peace Supplies – REI Flagstaff – Snow Mountain River – Sprouts Flagstaff – Starbucks – The Arboretum at Flagstaff – Tim Palmer – Wildland Trekking- Wildwood Productions

ponsors play key role in the Student Water Symposium each year. Your commitment to work with us in support of educating the next generation of water professionals and facilitate campus-community discussion on this vital resource is a smart investment in our shared future.

To learn more about sponsor opportunities, please contact us at: nausws@gmail.com