2023 Award Winners

Undergraduate Presentations

1st Place: Claire Asmussen – Beaver Reintroduction and Management: History, Ecosystem Implications, and Challenges

2nd Place: Ryan Jacobelli – Aquifer Management and Conservation in the Arid Southwest

3rd Place: George England – An Analysis of China’s Sponge City Policy

4th Place: Macie Wagner – Common Thread Principles for Sustainable Transboundary Groundwater Management


1st Place: Caitlin Brogan – Fishing for Food in a Changing Climate

2nd Place: Caelum Mroczek – Analysis of Techniques for Enhanced Aquifer Recharge in Arizona

3rd Place: Monica Pech Cardenas – Riverine Mangroves Are Important to Address Social and Environmental Challenges in Tropical Countries

4th Place: Christian Fauser –  Barriers Beget Barriers: The Political-Ecological Drivers and Consequences of Fish Barriers in Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Management


1st Place: Cole Denver – Water balance analysis for the Upper Lake Mary watershed, Arizona

2nd Place: Baca, Whitehead, Delaney, Hernandez – Impacts of Canopy Cover on Snow Accumulation